About Us

If there is a single word that summarizes our attitude toward pretty much everything, it is this. We push ourselves. We push technology. And we push the boundaries of conventional thinking.

Company Overview

Since 2004, Twisted Pixels has been delivering awesome websites & graphics that are beautiful inside and out. We take pride in the websites we build & marketing projects we undertake. Whether roasting coffee or gaming, we’re passionate about what we do and are constantly pushing ourselves, and the web to get better. Our studio has worked on building a team of experts that are extremely passionate about what they do. We’ve hired all the talent needed to produce amazing work for our clients. When you work with us, our people become your people. We believe that working with a company that attracts great personalities is important to the success of your project.

Our Culture

Our office atmosphere is friendly, fun, and family-like and sometimes our office hosts doggie pals for the day too. Our team gets along and our atmosphere is easygoing. We may be a casual, shoes-off kind of company, but in our company values, you’ll find we are also about integrity, excellence, and passion. Doing great work is our backbone, you will find our team concentrating intently and collaborating with great focus in the office.

Our Values

Effective Communication

Communication is the key to what we do. Whether it's via Skype or carrier pigeon, we communicate with integrity, building trust with our peers, partners, and clients. Understanding each other is how we begin building our award-winning solutions.

Always Evolving

Our industry changes so fast we're considering whiplash insurance. We're always analyzing the latest trends and adapting our approach to offer the best services and products to our customer. As a team we value coaching, mentoring, and constant professional development. Growing as people helps us grow as an organization!

Succeeding Together

None of us can do this alone. We value teamwork, sharing, and ongoing relationships. We bring that same approach to working with our clients. Your successes are our successes.

Quality Obsession

A good job simply isn't good enough. We're committed to going the extra mile to get it done right. We review every line of code and every design down to the pixel to ensure we're meeting our clients high standards - and our own!